A simple, web-based point of sale system for your business. Manageable inventory for as many vendors as you may have.

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MVPOS offers your business the ability to sell items from an unlimited number of vendors. Great for antique shops, consignment shops, or any other type of retail store location(s).


We help provide access to your data in a variety of helpful and meaningful ways including daily/monthly sales reports, individual vendor reports, daily summaries, and more.

Customer Support

Have questions, comments, concerns, or feature requests?  We’re here to help you operate your business using MVPOS as smoothly as possible.  Our success is based on helping meet your needs!

User Types

Users usually have different roles.  Business owners, managers, cashiers, vendors, and customers can all use this system differently based on their individual needs and permissions.


Have more than one store, shop, or business location?  We’ve got you covered with as many locations, vendors, users, and customers as you need.

Typical POS Features

Features such as barcode scanning, receipt printing, and inventory management are all built in and easy to use.

What Our Clients Are Saying

MVPofSales is simple to use in every aspect, from checking out customers to sales reporting. Managing 60+ vendors has been a dream since we switched to MVPOS.

Joel Henry

General Manager, Building Character

The easiest POS I’ve ever used.

Naomi Miller

Cashier, Building Character

In early 2016, we had the opportunity to work with a local Lancaster, Pennsylvania business to develop a solution for their retail store needs.  Building Character/Madcap & Co. are sibling stores that have space for many vendors to sell their products to customers without the need for individual vendor/customer sale transactions.  They needed a simple, easy-to-use system that would manage their point of sale transactions, vendors, inventory, reporting, customers, and more for all of their vendors at each of their two locations.  We developed Multi-Vendor Point Of Sale to meet their needs as well as the needs of virtually any retail business, whether it has no vendors, many vendors, one location, or many!

We’d love to find out about your business needs and see how we could best serve you!

Adam Miller

Adam Miller


Adam’s strong back end software development skills combined with his love for creative problem solving allow him to make the MVPOS system work well for all types of retail store needs.  He’s always looking for better ways to do things in order to improve the experience for all users.


2738 Chapel Road

Lancaster, PA 17603